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regali di natale....


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Visto che se sta avvicinando el Nadal, eccove qualche spunto.... :rotfl:

per le mule, un bell'asciugasmalto:


ideale per la porta della cameretta :rotfl:


a chi ghe servi una chiavetta? :D


per i muli:

asciugamani :merodolodalrider:


per i muli single:


bon...gò finì i miei 5 minuti de caxxade.... :rotfl:

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Qua un altro gadget molto utile


Sadly, automatic toilet paper dispensers are nothing new to this gadget-crazed world, but the latest from Sanrio puts a bizarre twist on an already zany contraption. The Hello Kitty TP dispenser is gushing with obligatory cuteness and can be programmed to dole out exactly the right amount of paper with each button press; of course, there really should be a couple of buttons to satisfy the whole family, but we digress. The unit reportedly rings up at around $220, which sounds about two bills too high unless you're already devoted to collecting all things adorned with Ms. Kitty. Ah well, at least your Hello Kitty toilet paper won't seem so out of place now, right?

Fonte Engadget

Ecco qua la soluzion per coverzer il ganciotraino quando non servi


Animated Hitch Critters - $25 The only reason not to buy those hitch-stand chairs is that they would keep you from installing a motorized, light-up Hitch Critter. Isn't it cute how the deer waves "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" as he sports an ironic target on his chest? Don't miss the dying fish or the "Duck!" duck, also with cheery red target. Man, I just love when my comedy and my killing go hand in hand.

e perchè no se semo stanchi e le sedie da campeggio xe troppo old la miglior cosa xe comprarse ste due amcahe...


Trailer Hitch Stand and Chairs - $200 This has to be the funniest photo SkyMall has ever printed. There's no way to fake the glee on those tailgaters' faces. Mind you, this is not for all sportsfans: each seat has a weight limit of 250 pounds, and seats only come in green or blue. I feel like red should be mandatory, at least when shipped to Boston or St. Louis.

Altre monade le trove qua

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